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2015 Christmas Tree Themes

We've worked hard all year long to put these beautiful Christmas tree themes together. We have the perfect tree for anyone.....from traditional to fun to elegant themes we're sure you'll find a tree you love! When you find a theme you like, click the link to shop for everything pictured on the tree. 

Frozen Christmas Tree Theme 

Our Frozen tree has a color pallet of silver, blue, and white with very small hints of gold. Along with a pattern of metallic blue, silver, and gold scroll fabric ribbon. The tree is decorated with white and silver glittered swirl picks, white snowball and snowflake sprays, light blue glittered branches and a cascading gem snowflake spray. With little ornaments like sparkling ice skates, glistening white snowballs, shiny blue ball ornaments, whites crowns, glittering snowflakes, frosted glass finials and a crystal tree topper! This tree is sure to make you feel like you’re walking in a winter wonderland with its fun, yet elegant decorations, it is fit for the inside of an ice castle! All on a 7.5’ Snowy Mountain Tree.

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Talley Ho Ho Ho Tree Theme

Our Talley Ho! Ho! Ho! tree has a color pallet of red, black, and gold with hints of white and green. Along with patterns of black and red plaid ribbon and a white and black houndstooth ribbon. This tree is decorated with shiny gold pheasant feather picks and faux deer antler picks. With ornaments like gold reindeer heads accented with scroll patterns, a fox figure with a red hunting jacket, gold pinecone ball ornaments, mini Christmas trees in a black and white striped pot, large antiqued gold horn ornaments and some red and green glass ball ornaments. This tree will give you the feel of being in a fancy country club. All on a 7.5’ Winter Green Pine.

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Santa's Favorite Things Tree Theme

This tree has all the things that make Santa happy! It has a color pallet of red and white with small hints of green and blue. Along with patterns of peppermint striped ribbon, peppermint candy ribbon, some polka dots and some stripes. Its decorated with Santa legs and elf butts (you didn't see that coming did you) sticking out of the tree, old fashioned light bulb picks, glittered white and red poinsettia’s, a whimsical elf shoe spray, large tinsel lollipop picks and a Ho! Ho! Ho! spray. With ornaments like candy elves, tinsel candy canes, gingerbread houses and cookies, cupcakes, and doughnuts- all the things Santa loves! This tree is bound to make everyone full of joy with its cheerful decorations! All on a 7.5’ Winter White Pine.

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Natural Elegance Tree Themes

Our natural Elegance tree has a color pallet of black, white, light green, gold, silver and burlap. Along with patterns like black and white striped ribbon, black and white plaid edged with burlap, and a black and white harlequin pattern. Decorated with a natural green variegated leaf branch spray, a cascading sparkly green leaf spray, a green Queen Ann’s branch spray and some lovely white magnolia picks. With ornaments like cute little feathered owls, gold leaf ball ornaments, and glittered harlequin finials. This tree is simple and elegant and sure to be a tree that everyone will love to look at. All on a 7.5’ Snowy Mountain Tree.

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Vintage Re-incarnated Tree Theme

Our Vintage Reincarnated tree has a color pallet of red, green, blue, gold, and silver. It’s decorated with a red glittered berry spray, Shiny Brite garland and a MERRY bell garland. Accented with ornaments like clip-on bulbs, wooden signs with Christmas sayings, a whimsical little Santa, vintage inspired Shiny Brite ball ornaments, little vintage stockings, wooden Santa faces and a cute little reindeer ornament. This tree will bring back all the memories of Christmas past with its timeless decorations and its fun feel! All on a 7.5’ Silver Upside Down tree.

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Fields of Joy Tree Theme

Our Fields of Joy tree has a color pallet of red, green, and burlap. Along with patterns like green and red plaid edged with burlap ribbon and burlap with red polka dot ribbon. Decorated with red and natural burlap poinsettias, velvet poinsettias, burlap holly spray with red berries, and green branch sprays with jingle bells and pinecones. With ornaments like a snow covered wooden birdhouse, chalkboard ball ornaments, chalkboard signs and countdowns, a little glass fox with a fluffy tail, wooden lanterns, clip-on velvet bows, and old-fashioned automobiles carrying their Christmas trees home. This tree gives off a homey vibe with its rustic, woodsy decorations. All on a 7.5’ Glacier Pine.

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Merry! Merry! Tree Theme

Our Merry! Merry! tree has a color pallet or red, green, and white. Along with a harlequin pattern and some stripes. Decorated with a wide variety of nutcrackers, green velvet poinsettias, whimsical top hat spray, and green and red ball ornaments. With nutcracker disc ornaments, metal stocking ornaments and top hat ornaments. This tree will make you feel like an elf decorated it with all of its favorite things from Santa’s workshop! All on a 7.5’ Dublin Pine with color changing lights

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Traditional Nativity Tree Theme 

Our Traditional Nativity tree has a color pallet of red and gold. Along with a pattern of red and burgundy ribbon outlined with gold stitching and a red and gold scroll patterned metallic ribbon. Decorated with red Queen Anne’s spray, gold branch spray, sparkling red branch spray and a cascading gold gem spray. With ornaments like a gold holly wreath, a gold crown, metal angels playing horns, red ball ornaments with gold scroll patterns, the three wise men, glittered crosses, the northern star, the holy family and a few golden snowflakes. With it’s gold and red colors, its tradition meets nativity and it’s sure to capture the essence of the true meaning of Christmas. All on a 7.5’ Gold Champagne tree.

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30th Nov 2015 The Jolly Christmas Shop

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