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Pre-Order Information

Pre-Order Q&A


  • What are pre-orders? Pre-ordering an item means that we do not have the item(s) physically in stock yet, but they will be coming in from our manufacturer soon. Once they arrive to us from our manufacturer at a later date, we will then ship out to our customers.


  • Why would I purchase a pre-order? We offer pre-orders to give our customers the chance to “have dibs” on the item(s) before they arrive to us. The items we pick for pre-orders are items that are customer favorites, best sellers, or items that we see being extremely popular for this holiday season. A lot of the items we pick for pre-order will sell out  and will not be available to purchase at a later date, so pre-orders are a great way to guarantee you receive that item.


  • Which items are pre-orders? Pre-ordered items state pre-order on the item page with the estimated arrival date. To see all pre-orders, you can navigate to our pre-order category HERE


  • How will I be updated about my pre-order? We recommend "subscribing to our newsletter". This will allow us to send an email if we see a huge delay with your pre-order. If you do not choose to be emailed, we will be unable to contact you via email about your order.


  • When will my pre-order ship? We ship pre-orders in the order that they were purchased. For example if you purchase a pre-order today and another customer orders the same pre-order the next day, your order is shipped before the next day customer. We post the estimated shipping date on the product page and we recommend taking note of this date as you will have to contact customer support via chat to ask what this date was.


  • It's past my pre-order date, why has my order not shipped? A large majority of our pre-orders ship out ahead of schedule or on time. We base this estimated ship date on the date our manufacturer gives us. When ordering a pre-order item, please be aware that the estimated arrival dates are subject to change at any time and it is out of our control. Things like production delays, employee shortages in manufacturer warehouses, and shipping delays are all possible delays pre-orders can face. Please rest assured there is no way for customers to be forgotten or missed regarding their pre-order. We are one of the largest Christmas stores in the US and we do everything in our power to get these items in as quickly as possible. If we are facing delays with an item, more than likely all other stores are also facing a delay with that same item.


  • What if I order multiple pre-ordered or in-stock items with my order (US Customers)? If you order multiple pre-order items or in-stock items, we will hold the entire order until all items arrive unless you specify "please ship items as they come in" in your order notes at checkout. 


  • What if I order multiple pre-ordered or in-stock items with my order (International Customers)? We must wait until all items are in stock in order to ship all international orders.


  • Do I pay in full for a pre-order at checkout? Yes, when purchasing a pre-order, you are charged in full at the time of purchase. For security reasons we do not keep credit card information on file.


I already purchased a pre-order, but now the site is stating out of stock: Not to worry, this just means that we have sold out of the pre-order. Rest assured we have received your order and you are still in line to receive your pre-order on the original estimated date.


We know you are excited for your item(s) and we appreciate your business.