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International Orders

International Order Guidelines


If you are an International customer, you will be automatically directed to our International website based on your country. If for some reason you are not automatically directed to your countries International website, you can select the international site drop down icon and choose your country. Please see the photos below.




International Shipping Guidelines

  • We are a US based company and all items will be shipped out within 1-3 business days. After shipping, your order will go to a third party freight forwarder. After this forwarder ships your order you will receive your order between 7-18 business days (total time from placing your order between 10-28 business days). Business days are M-F excluding holidays.
  • Sorry we do not offer free shipping or coupon codes on International orders
  • You will be charged a shipping fee and a handling fee which will be shown before you place your order. Sorry we cannot change these costs because they are handled by the third party shipper.
  • Your international order will begin tracking after it has reached the third party shipper. You can track your order with your International order number starting with a "W" and by going to this website


Common Questions About International Orders:

Why is it taking so long for my order to ship? 

Please be sure that you did not purchase a pre-order. Pre-ordered items are shipped on a later date listed on the product page. Even items that are in-stock items, will need to wait to ship until all items are shipped.  


All items ship from our warehouse with a domestic tracking number to our third party shipper in Folcroft PA. The third party shipper provides you with an international tracking number starting with "GL". This tracking number will only update once the third party shipper has received your order and ships your order. Once an order ships from our warehouse it typically takes 3-5 business days to arrive at the third party shippers warehouse. Please check our current shipping processing times HERE You are not notified when we ship your order and are not provided a domestic tracking number. 


How do I track my international order? Please use the following link and enter your international tracking number that starts with "GL". This number can be found in your order confirmation.


I did not receive an order confirmation, but the payment was deducted from Paypal. 

Please note that it takes up to 12 hours for the third party shipper to send your order to us. Once the order is submitted to us, you will receive an order confirmation. If you see the payment taken out on Paypal, please do not place an additional order as this will cause multiple orders to be submitted.


Can you change my shipping costs or taxes/fees? 

I'm sorry, but we are unable to change shipping costs, taxes or fees. These are the costs calculated by the third party shipper.


I want to add or delete an item from my order.

I'm sorry, but we cannot add or delete items from international orders. In order to make changes we will need to delete orders in full and the order would need to be replaced with the correct items.