Department 56 Harry Potter Village The Three Broomsticks Building 6006511

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Located in the cozy village of Hogsmeade sits the Three Broomsticks Inn and Pub. Visited by students from the closely neighboring Hogwarts School, it is usually very crowded, but a safe and warm place to get away from the snowy outside and share a laugh and a butterbeer with your friends!

This building features an amazing replica with the mismatching bricks, warmly lit windows scattered about the building, it's high pitched roof blanketed with snow, and the skinny chimneys soaring towards the sky! Even the entryway has the establishments "The Three Broomsticks Inn Fine Eating Establishment" with the Three Broomsticks logo suspended above the heavy wooden doors!

Perfect to add another beloved piece of the Wizarding World to your Collection! Introduced January 2020. Made by Department 56. Made of polyresin. Dimensions: 9.25 in H x 5 in W x 7.68 in L. Item #: 6006511


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