Department 56 Harry Potter Village Borgin and Burkes Building 6006510

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Borgin and Burkes is located on Knockturn Alley, right next to Diagon Alley. It is known for having weird, unusual, ancient, and most times dark wizard antiques. It is where Harry, Hermione, and Ron spotted Draco and his mom acting shady one day, therefore convincing them Draco was now a Deatheater. It was also where one of the pair of vanishing cabinets were located and how the Deatheaters were able to enter Hogwarts later in the schoolyear, with the help of Draco of course. 

This building features the brown bricking and large windows, and even shows the damaged shingles on the tall high pitched roof. This would go perfect with your Diagon Alley buildings, especially if you are a Deatheater... Or if you just needed to walk down Knockturn Alley for some Flesh Eating Slug Repellent.

Introduced January 2020. Made by Department 56. Made of polyresin. Dimensions: 8.74 in H x 4.25 in W x 6.26 in L. Item #: 6006510 

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