Department 56 Harry Potter Village The Shrieking Shack Building 6007753

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NEW for 2022

When you go to Hogsmeade, everyone keeps their distance from the old abandoned house on the outskirts. The house is known among Hogwarts students as The Shrieking Shack due to the eerie shrieking sounds that slip out of the walls. harry found the secret entrance to the Shrieking shack at the base of the Whomping Willow, which was also visible by using the Marauder's Map! It was also used by Professor Lupin when he was about to transform into his werewolf side! Ron Weasley's pet rat's true identity was discovered here when Sirius confronted him and his part in Harry's parents murder! The shack has boarded up windows while a tiny bit of light pour out from the cracks in the wood. A tall chimney made of stone is at the back of the home and the roof is piled with snow. A must have for your Harry Potter world village! Introduced January 2022. Made by Department 56. Made of resin. Dimensions: 8.15 in H x 4.6 in W x 4.55 in L. Item #: 6007753

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