Santa's Bags 7.5' Medium Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag SB-10100

Santa's Bags
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Easily store your artificial tree during the off-season with this Santa's Bags Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag. The bag attaches to your tree stand and compresses at the base under your tree skirt, you won't even be able to see it. Then, at the end of the season, simply pull the bag up and secure it over your tree. Thanks to multiple reinforced carrying handles, you can tote the tree straight to your Christmas storage area and store it safely in the upright position, dust and damage free until you're ready to bring it out next year. Made of polyester. One year warranty against manufacturer's defects. Dimensions 30" x 30" x 89" Holds 7.5' x 50" Christmas tree.  Item # SB-10100. Tree stand not included.