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Raz 10' Warm White Compact Cluster Garland Lights on a Clear Wire G3737063

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NEW for 2018

Have you ever wished to have Christmas lights that were indestructible, LED, with multiple functions, AND longer than the average light strand? Fret no more! This 10' Warm White Compact Cluster Lights on a Clear Wire and Remote light strand has got it all! It has almost 10 feet of beautiful, tough, twinkling lights! UL and CUL certified. Indoor and outdoor use. 8 hour timer, repeats every 16 hours. 8 functions. 300 warm white LED lights on a clear wire. These lights last an average of 60,000 hours, that's 6.5 years if you NEVER turned them off! Made by Raz Imports. Made of PVC. Dimensions: 10' long. Item #: G3737063

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Warm White
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