Kurt Adler Set of 4 3.5" Rugrats Blow Mold Christmas Ornaments RG1201

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NEW for 2020

This ornament set features a partial part of the well known Rugrats clan! You have Chucky, Angelica, Tommy, and Reptar all snacking on Reptar bars that make your tongue green while Reptar snacks on a bowl of Reptar cereal! These guys are known for their many adventures and amazing imaginations! Anyone who watched the Rugrats wanted a trustee screwdriver like Tommy Pickles, a best friend like Phil and Lil, a Cynthia doll like Angelica, and purple glasses like Chucky! Sold as a set of 4. Made by Kurt Adler. Made of blow mold plastic. Dimensions: 3"-3.5". Item #: RG1201

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