100 Pack 5/8" Multi Color Ceramic Tree Plastic Globe Replacement Light Bulbs P0670

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NEW for 2018

Bored of the traditional flame bulbs in your ceramic tree? Spice it up with these multi-color globe pins! Each bulb has a faceted design to it! It's sure to look stunning in your beloved ceramic Christmas tree! Pack of 100. Made of plastic. 

The bulb (the part that is shown outside of the tree) length is 1/2" long, the peg length (the part that sticks inside the tree) is 7/8" long. We use this on our large ceramic tree, such as our medium 1950's tree, our large Flat mantle tree, our large green tree, our medium green tree, and our Sierra tree. We would consider these Large sized bulbs.  

Item #: P0670

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