Realistic String of Popcorn Garland 9' Stephen Douglas

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Stringing popcorn with dried fruits and popcorn to feed birds and small animals during the harsh winters began in Europe but is now mainly an American tradition.  Thanks to this beautiful pre-strung popcorn, all the hard work is done for you. Made of real popcorn and at 9’ long,  it will cover plenty of tree. This real popcorn garland is specially treated with a coating to increase the strength of the kernels which allows for increased quality. Dimensions 9’ long.


Storage: Properly storing and sealing your popcorn garland between seasons is essential for long life of the product. We recommend storing your garland in one-gallon zipper storage bags and then sealing in a tin or other sealed container to prevent harm from rodents, insects or pets. Store in a cool dry place. When stored properly, this lovely popcorn garland will last for many season to come. Made of real popcorn.

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