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​Top 9 2019 Christmas Decorating Trends

​Top 9 2019 Christmas Decorating Trends

Top 9 2019 Christmas Decorating Trends

Wanna know what's hot for this Holiday season?? Check out our 9 Trends we know are going to be show stoppers for Christmas Decorating this year!

Christmas Tree Decorating Trend #1: Gingerbread

Gingerbread houses are a fun family tradition to have, so it only makes sense for Gingerbread decorations to be totally trendy! Each one is unique from the next- in the way it’s decorated, its size, and shape! Whether you’re a pro baker or a cookie novice in the kitchen, these sweet treats are HOT! HOT! HOT! To decorate with this holiday season! (But be careful, let them cool off a little before trying to ice them)

They're great to place on your mantle or use them in a centerpiece or even hang in your Christmas Tree!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Trend #2: Vintage

Vintage will NEVER go out of style! It’s a time of tradition passed down from generation to generation! So don’t take that box of old Christmas stuff to the thrift store just yet!

Silver tinsel, retro Christmas characters, ceramic Christmas trees, and clip on candles for your tree are all the rage! Remember those ceramic trees that your mom or grandmother made in ceramics??

Spark that twinge of nostalgia and get the memories of yesteryear flowing this holiday season by shopping our extensive vintage collection!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Trend #3: Large Figures

Step up your Christmas décor with some larger than life figures! Large figures are great statement pieces that are sure to turn some heads! You could even put an antique trunk at the base of your Christmas tree and place the figures on top for a super elegant look!

Spice up your entryway by using a family of carolers to welcome guests Or place them by the Christmas Tree to get some sing-a-longs started!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Trend #4: Food

One thing you can never get enough of during the holidays, FOOD!

From savory to sweet, to everything in between, we make it all for Christmas time!

Who says that food needs to stay in the kitchen?! Hang rainbow macaroons, bright gummy bears, giant donuts and donut trees, and even a martini on your Christmas tree! They’re also great for taking your table décor up a notch! Place a few cupcake domes on your table to really make a statement!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Trend #5: Farmhouse

Rustic, simple, and comfy. Farmhouse décor has taken over almost every home for every day decor; of course interpreting Christmas into it is just as popular!

Thick white and black buffalo plaid ribbon is a staple in this Christmas trend. Wrap some boxes in brown paper and tie them up with the plaid ribbon or some twine for a beautiful look!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Trend #6: Starburst Lights

Love Christmas lights, but want to spice it up a bit?? These starburst lights are great to add a little more pizzazz to Christmas! You can tuck these into your Christmas tree to give dramatic light, or hang them from the ceiling for a firework-like addition to your tree!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Trend #7: Water Globe Lanterns

Ever wish you could bottle up the magic of Christmas and keep it in your home? You can get that feeling with our amazing Spinning Water Globe Lanterns! With almost any scene or character you could want, these magical lanterns sparkle bright with swirling glitter and LED lights! These are perfect to decorate your mantle, place on a shelf, or use on the coffee table in your living room!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Trend #8: Blue and Red with Delft

Wait… Did you think delft only belonged on pottery?? Think again! This beautiful and elegant design will look even better being a part of your Christmas décor!

The stark white and deep sapphire blue makes quite the statement, pair that with the traditional bold red of Christmas and you’ve got yourself a bold, elegant, and simply magnificent color pallet that is unique and sure to turn heads!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Trend #9: Candles

Candles are a timeless decoration used in holiday décor and everyday! Make a statement with low flickering candlelight added to your mantle! Instead of using a few candles here and there, group quite a few together and watch the light dance off of your walls! You could even arrange a few on a decorative tray and place it on your coffee table or your entryway table! Place a large mirror behind them to reflect the warmth of the candlelight! And tie your dining table together with a cluster of taper candles!

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