A Christmas Tree Collar?? What's THAT?!

A Christmas Tree Collar?? What's THAT?!

Posted by The Jolly Christmas Shop on 6th Oct 2019

Say bye-bye to Christmas tree skirts that get bunched up or wrinkled and having to constantly straighten them out! Bye-bye to buying adorable skirts with lovely designs that you end up not even seeing! Time to cover up that tree stand that’s just NOT cute! Hop on the Christmas Tree Collar train!

So what exactly is a Christmas Tree Collar?

A Christmas Tree Collar is a stand up tree skirt made of stiffened fabric or metal that goes completely around the base of your Christmas tree to hide all the ugly bits underneath!

Why should I buy these instead of a standard Christmas Tree Skirt?

Like we said above, you won’t have to straighten out your skirt every time you walk by it. Your tree stand will be totally invisible! And since it stands up straight, you’ll still be able to see the design even with presents piled around it! It even makes your tree seem a little taller without having the gap between the floor and the bottom of your tree!

What designs can I get?

We have a bright red collar, a traditional red and green plaid collar with black and gold accents, and a red and green nutcracker’s drum collar with white faux fur and gold embroidery!

How do I set it up?

Set up is totally easy peasy! Simply thread the plastic tubing through the loops on the top and bottom of the collar, wrap the collar around the base of your tree, and stick the Velcro pieces together! VIOLA! You now have a beautiful, unique, and modernized Christmas Tree! 

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