Department 56 The Nightmare Before Christmas 2021 Full Set

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Get all of the latest pieces from The Nightmare Before Christmas village with this set! It features key characters like Jack, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie, and the Vampire brothers! You also get the NEW for 2021 Lizard house, a funky and eclectic addition for your village!

Set Includes:

The Lizard House

Item #: 6007271

Dimensions: 8.27 in H x 6.22 in W x 6.34 in L


Jack Brings Home Christmas

Item #: 6007723

Dimensions: 3.07 in H x 4.06 in W x 2.05 in L


Vampire Brothers Prepare Duck Figure

Item #: 6005596

Dimensions: 3.42 in H x 3.07 in W x 4.02 in L


Jack Discovers Christmas Town Figure

Item #: 6005595

Dimensions: 6.5 in H x 3.7 in W x 5 in L


Oogie Boogie Gives a Spin Animated Village Figure

Item #: 6004819

Dimensions: 4.33 in H x 3.74 in W x 6.7 in L


The Mayor's Car Lighted Figure

Item #:6003314

Dimensions: 5.04 in H x 2.88 in W x 8.27 in L


Sally's Date Night

Item #: 6003317

Dimensions: 3.5 in H x 1.2 in W x 1.8 in L


Jack Steals Christmas Figure

Item #: 6003316

Dimensions: 3.9 in H x 2 in W x 2.75 in L


Zero and His Dog House Figure

Item #: 6001203

Dimensions: 2 in H x 1.5 in W x 1.5 in L


Town Square Fountain Figure

Item #: 6001202

Dimensions: 5 in H x 3.75 in W x 3.75 in L

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